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B-Movies & Burgers (I-F's MurderCapital Movies All Nighter @ PiP) (Postponed!)

Updated: Jun 29

Note: The date is being moved and we'll let you know as soon as we have info on it the new date!

A dream come true... A movie night in PiP The Hague from comfy seats or a fancy table while enjoying a proper selection of I-F selected SMUT for the B-movie connoiseur! Intergalactic Gary coming to DJ during the intermezzo where OM314 is cooking the burgers. Push a button and order drinks non-stop while in awe of so much B-movieness... We're open Sept. 1st as of 20:00 for dinner and the first movie will run at 2100. After that we'll take another break for stuffing and drinking and some proper music followed by 2 more movies. Setup could change but we promise this is going to be badass! Also there will be an entrance fee but it will include a proper burger... Keeping you posted!

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